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Hydraulic Jeans have many models and have undoubtedly the most popular jeans on the market. They fit any silhouette and can be matched to almost any vestimentary style. Both the material and cut make them easily adaptable to anyone. Whether you are thinner or plump, this type of pants will suit you undoubtedly. Hydraulic Jeans are present all over the world. They are worn both by women and men because they are so accessible, however so special. These trousers have successfully withstood the test of time, representing one of the most popular clothing items. Moreover, there is no sign that they can possibly go out of fashion, because they are permanently reinvented, they are always trendy and new shapes and colours are created.
Although they are called jeans, from blue jeans in English, they are not necessarily blue. Especially during the last four seasons, a variety of colours have been tested, that adapts to the most diverse tastes in fashion and vestimentary style: red, pink, purple, turquoise, green, yellow or even black and white. With such a palette, it is unlikely that you don’t find a model that you like. They can also be distinguished according to their cut: we can see the conic style, skinny, low-rise, flared jeans, straight or wide jeans. In your personal wardrobe you can have several pairs in the same style or different styles, with greater or smaller number of pairs. If for certain vestimentary items we generally stop to only a few products, in the case of Hydraulic Jeans, we like to have different models, styles and colours. The advantage is that they can be worn on every occasion or moment of the day. They can be worn both for a meeting with your friends as well as on special events, as long as we know how to match them so that our outfit becomes elegant. Why do we love so much this brand? Because they offer that precious comfort in our agitated life and because they help us look so good, regardless the context or other clothing. Hydraulic Jeans appeared on the market in New York in 1988 and the mission was to offer the finest premium jeans to any client, regardless the age or
financial situation. Hydraulic Jeans will be the leading innovator on the market for the future generations. Each pair of Hydraulic Jeans was especially created with a unique look to suit your personality. Each shape has been designed especially for you by a team of professional designers. Every seam and detail has been created out of love with a modern twist and with a vintage feel. Today, Hydraulic Jeans are permanently reinvented by designers. The models are often atypical, with unexpected cutouts, daring cuts and in original combinations. There are several models: conic, with seat, low-rise, flared or straight. They are grouped depending on their cut. They can also be grouped depending on those to whom they are addressed: women or men. And also depending on their length: long, capris or shorts. So, you have a wide range of products available, all you have to do is choose what you like and think what it suits you. However, concerning the models for men, there is more difficult to find new and new cuts. Creativity is best felt when it comes to models for women, because you can play more with the cut, texture and colours in this area. So, the models for men are mostly classics, because men are more conservatory from this point of view. They prefer traditional clothing items and simple cuts. In addition, fewer men can wear certain types of pants, because you need a certain look in this respect. The more non-conformist models for men of Hydraulic Jeans are worn mostly by young people, who are not afraid to experiment in terms of personal fashion style. How do you choose your hydraulic jeans to suit your body shape. If you are looking to freshen up your wardrobe, look for stretch and comfortable models. You can choose what it suits you best and what helps you look the way you want, out of different styles and colours available. Here are some real tips to help you buy the model and choose the most adequate style for your shape. If you are tall: Look for brands that have a wide range of sizes.  Some manufacturers offer jeans of different lengths, such as short, medium and long. Try skinny jeans, they look great with flats, sport shoes, high heels or boots. Celebrities adore them. If you are plus-size: Choose pants that thin legs and hips. A little wider models look more attractive than skinny types in which you cannot move. Try straight models, they are fashionable in every season. They can be worn rolled or inserted in boots. If you are thin: Look for ultra tapered models. You can choose ultra low-rise jeans. If the model you are trying seems a bit large, try a smaller size as they get wider in time. Try low-rise Hydraulic jeans. Pay attention to the underwear that you are wearing, not to expose it due to the ultra low-rise jeans. Do not wear them if your fat will bulge out of the sides. If you are tall you can opt for stretch jeans. If you are pear shaped: draw away the attention from the hips by wearing high-waisted models, which will immediately draw up the eyes. Try high-waisted models. Choose a pair with a modern cut and try some vintage retro model. They can be worn with a thick belt to emphasize the waist. If you have a wide back: Look at the pockets and avoid any additional ornaments, not to draw attention. Bleached areas and long-spaced pockets will make your bottom look big. Try flared models. Flared pants return among designers’ preferences. They match to any shape. If you are short and don’t have a thin waistline choose this style of denim in a dark colour. What style we wear to be fashionable. These jeans have been and will remain forever in fashion, perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing, which includes the most practical qualities. They are fashionable this year too, of course, but they also have five main trends, models that should be in our wardrobe this season. Flared jeans - Retro is the word that bests describes the style of this year, and retro is also the general trend. Thus the high waist and flared lines are in the foreground. There is a good reason for this, especially when vintage shoes are worn as well as thick heel and wavy or straight strand haircuts specific to hippie era. So, dare to return to the flared style, wear them with modern accessories, and a retro haircut and you will be fashionable! Straight jeans  - The classic straight jeans are back in trend, so you can take them from the back of your wardrobe, or you can try them from the shelf with no fear. First, they are ideal for any figure, and not least they look great on any color specific to denim. Oh, and don’t forget that this model can look great both worn with high-heeled shoes or with a simple pair of sport shoes, but they are also perfect for boots and chukka boots. Skinny jeans - Last year’s neon colors remain on the top choices this year too. Cool shades of purple, indigo and warm colours specific to automn, orange and brick-coloured are worn. Thus, a pair of the skinny model in bright colors, can provide to outfits a touch of originality and freshness. Shiny jeans -The name may sound a little eccentric, but this model is what we have expected for a long time: an uncommon blend of modern glam with rock’n’roll influences. The skinny jeans are trendy, but also the straight ones are cool. The denim is either leather-like or metallic and the final look is of a non-conformist diva. Lacquered jeans are the newest and also the most original trend of this year.
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